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RECycled or RECondite NETwork - you decide

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[Photo of the rack]

Yeah it's a mess. But I'm working on it/

The Rack currently comprises:

Empty, but with power system at rear.
Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 1 (pacman)
This Gateway machine. HTTP, FTP and DNS server
Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 1 (pinky)
Currently waiting for a project...
Recycled Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch
Recycled Barracuda 410 Web Filter Appliance (blinky)
Testing box (offline for now).
Recycled Barracuda 300 Spam Firewall Appliance (inky)
File server, APRS IGate and general usage box.
Currently empty

I'm planning to take the Pis out of the unit, and redeploy them elsewhere where their small form factor can be better utilised, re-arrange things slightly, and maybe get hold of two more 1U sized servers. I'd like to have one running Windows, and maybe one running some Mac OS.

If I can get four "PC" type devices in there, I can fully utilise my KVM switch.

Due to the email being down, like everything else, any contact about this shambles must be through