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RECycled or RECondite NETwork - you decide

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RECNET.UK is a collection of recycled servers and emulated machines predominantly living inside a 6U rack cabinet in my kitchen. It is sort of an offshoot of my Recondite Computers and Recondite Systems websites, but contains some actual working examples of the simulated machines.

The network contains examples of old VAX/VMS and Ultrix systems running under SimH, and a few old servers repurposed from their original uses.

None of the actual hardware is doing what it was originally supposed to do.

For the last few months, due to a spat with with internet provider, everything is offline. This site is hosted by my main hosting provider, instead of where it should be: on my local area network.

As soon as I get get back up and running, I'll leave this page up, but just as a pointer to the real stuff.

Due to the email being down, like everything else, any contact about this shambles must be through